I think my own game hates me.

February 6, 2009

So I’m stuck on Black Clover right now.  It’s kinda driving me nuts.  I blog in the day, interview in the day, try to get out at night so I’m not home all the time, and then by the time I’m done all of that I finally have some time for Black Clover.

And then nothing comes out.

It’s like the game idea purposely jerks me around so it can be utterly sadistic and melt my mind from the inside.  During the day, I get ideas that I go, “Oh, those will work perfectly.”  Then, at night, I go to write out those ideas and something never works right with them.  Something always seems off and makes me hit the delete key.

What’s really jerking me around are the skills, attributes, and abilities.  Attributes and abilities are getting underway now, while I’m going to work on the skills later once the attributes and abilities are in place.  Which, yes, sounds backwards, because skills might actually be affected by attributes and abilities.

Short explanation for what’s going on in my mind — attributes are static traits of a character and provide flat bonuses to skills and rolls.  They are like str, dex, wis, con, etc. except they’re infinitely more badass and usable in roleplaying.  Skills are the types of things you’d find in D&D 4th edition or World of Warcraft.  They’re abilities to be used both in and out of combat.  Mostly in combat, however.

But, since my mind feels like shutting off and not wanting to work, they’re not getting done.  And without them getting done, I can’t playtest the system to make sure the damn classes are balanced and functioning as intended.

Bugger.  Hopefully this block drops away soon.


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