Sickness & level 78

February 10, 2009

So, I’m sick.  It sucks.

This has to happen once a winter, and I’ve been avoiding it up until now.  Sure, it hits me when my week is busy — figures.  So I took the day off from campus games master guy.  Did my work for Massively, then turned off the computer tower and went out to watch some NCIS.  Thank you, Special Agent Gibbs, for making TV not suck.

In related crap, my computer is being a jerk.  There must be a short somewhere in the tower, because it’s making a really high frequency electrical whine every once in a while.  I wish I knew more tech stuff beyond that… I can only diagnose the symptoms.  I’d take it to Geek Squad, but I’m poor.  Surprise surprise.  Of course something breaks when I can’t afford to fix it.

Hopefully it stops on it’s own, that would be awesome.

So, actually, this is going somewhere.  Because of my splitting headache and because high pitched noises really don’t help out said headache, I’m not doing my run to level 78 in Warcraft this evening.  I hit 75 on Friday, 76 on Saturday (and soloed Onyxia the same day, and got the Judgment Crown to drop for a truly epic win), 77 yesterday, and am now sitting at a quarter of the way to level 78 that I got last night.  Cold Weather Flying is already in my possession, so I enjoy being able to fly around Northrend and not have a sword shoved up my ass from a level 80 horde dick.  But, with that crappy whine, I just can’t take sitting in front of the PC.

But, mark my words, I will get all of my elders before the Lunar Festival is over.  I will hit 78, and I will get that guy in the heroic dungeon.  Elder Sephare, here I come!  *triumphant upwards point*


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