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Tales of Convention Horror, tonight on!

July 17, 2009

Sorry for the late notes there guys, but I’ll be on‘s radio show this evening, going over tales of convention horror!  Tune in for a round table discussion, or check out the video cast on BlogTV, live!  It will be a fun night of conversation and silly!

Tales start at 9 PM EST and goes to 11 PM EST (7-9 PM PT).


I bought Darkfall

July 14, 2009

Like I said yesterday… I’m sorry.

I’m on the North American server. I like to think that it makes a world of difference.

Will be posting up impressions when I have them.

So far all I can say is that I got called “a dumb cunt” in the first two minutes of gameplay. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


When you thought it couldn’t get worse…

July 13, 2009
Wow, boobs much?

This happened.

Seriously, this is just getting *%$@ing stupid.  I’m all for “sex sells” but this is just getting absolutely idiotic.

If I could take a shot in the dark at this, I’d say this is some sort of scam.  The developers of this game are still unknown, the players on the forums are walking around in a daze because they have absolutely no contact with who made this game whatsoever, and the game itself rips off from so many other games.

It use to be called Civony, but I guess that was too close to Civilization (which the game is truly based on) so they changed it to Evony.  But if you look in there, you’ll notice some sprites ripped off from other RTS games, such as Age of Empires.

Expect lawsuits… and if I was a new player I wouldn’t touch this with a 100,000 pole.  There are plenty of respectable games out there on the internet.  If you want, I recommend Dreamlords.

Update: Arkenor found more patchwork than I did.  I just did a look over, but Ark found, well, very solid grounds for copyright infringement and plagarism.


More SL info for y’all

July 9, 2009

Cuppycake recently alerted me to a more extensive newbie guide that she put together for Second Life.  If you’re interested in the whole “How to Get into Second Life” business, this one is very nicely written and gets a bit more technical than my article.


I’mma gonna be in a webcomic

July 9, 2009

Madeleine & SeraSo, my good friend Maddy Reinberg sent this picture over to me today.  It’s a test drawing for her new webcomic, Not Safe For Work.  I’m going to be one of those recurring main characters — the gamer who just seems to game wayy too much.

Yeah, you see those drum sticks?  Rock Band drum sticks.  Maddy wants me to be in every strip with either drum sticks or a Rock Band Stratocaster controller.  My outfit is going to change each strip though, so at least I won’t be in the suit all of the time. 😀

And yes, I kinda remind myself of Michael Jackson in this drawing.  Now only if I could bring down Twitter upon my death…

Also, to the left is the comic’s author, Maddy.  The comic is going to center around her friends being… well.. us.  Most of the strip is actually based on goofy things that we say or do.  (Trust me, we do a lot of that.)  It involves work, gaming, relationships… and more of that standard webcomic goodness.

This is only a preview though, as the site just isn’t done yet.  When its up though, I’ll let you guys know.  Consider this a preview of things to come!

Click the image if you want to see the full view of the photo.


So I’m actually enjoying Second Life…

July 9, 2009

…so much so that I’m actually making it into my column tomorrow.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore everyone with how I wander from sim to sim or how awesome my new RP group is.  It’s going to be more utilitarian than that.

Gamers seem to approach virtual worlds, like Metaplace and Second Life, with the wrong ideas in mind.  They seem to think they’re going to be getting into some crazy game, when really they’re entering into a virtual space for socialization and exploration.  Basically, if you’re not of the latter two types, virtual worlds just might be a living hell for you.  Combat and achievement players (although achievement players could still find goals to accomplish in virtual worlds if they looked for them) will probably really detest these spaces.

But me?  I like exploring and socializing.  Plus, when you find the right programmers or the right sim, you’ll actually find combat as well.  Is it fluid combat?  No, it’s not going to win awards or anything, but it’s not the worst combat I’ve seen in games.  Heck, I get to do flips in the air while I swing my scythe in Second Life.  That has to count for some awesomeness.

But, I shouldn’t let too much out of the bag.  Tomorrow’s column is going to be some tips on how to enjoy yourselves in Second Life, even if you found it to be a bit annoying on the first run though.  Reader beware, however, as I know more than a few of you will feel that Second Life just isn’t your cup of tea… then you’ll relegate yourself to complaining about how wrong I am about my tips.

If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t enjoy it.  My tips simply aren’t going to change that.  But if you didn’t give it much of a chance for the first time through… you’ll probably find something to take away from tomorrow’s column.


Yes, it’s been a while (and a thank you to everyone)

July 6, 2009

Sorry about that guys.  Been so busy with everything around me that I just haven’t been blogging personally. >.<

First of all, thank you everyone who’s sent me e-mail regarding my gender article on  I really appreciate it.  It’s been nothing but heartwarming letters from everyone, so thank you for all of the well-wishes.  Even more importantly, to those who sent me letters thanking me for speaking how they feel, stay strong.  You guys are never alone.  I’m glad I can be another voice in the fight for acceptance.  And while sometimes it feels like the weight can just crush you, I know each and every one of you can do it.  I may not know you personally, but by simply sending me a letter you’ve said that you’re willing to stand up and work against the flow of pain.

In that regard, I’m the one who should be thanking you guys for being so strong.  Keep at it.

It’s here where I want to point out a post from a friend of mine, Tami “Cuppycake” Baribeau.  If anything, she’s more of a vocal person about these topics than I could ever be.  Go over and show her your support if you can.  Plus, her blog rocks too. :3

As for me, I’ll be around.  I’ll be trying to blog more so you guys have something to read besides month old posts.  Now to just get some interesting topics…