So I’m actually enjoying Second Life…

July 9, 2009

…so much so that I’m actually making it into my column tomorrow.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore everyone with how I wander from sim to sim or how awesome my new RP group is.  It’s going to be more utilitarian than that.

Gamers seem to approach virtual worlds, like Metaplace and Second Life, with the wrong ideas in mind.  They seem to think they’re going to be getting into some crazy game, when really they’re entering into a virtual space for socialization and exploration.  Basically, if you’re not of the latter two types, virtual worlds just might be a living hell for you.  Combat and achievement players (although achievement players could still find goals to accomplish in virtual worlds if they looked for them) will probably really detest these spaces.

But me?  I like exploring and socializing.  Plus, when you find the right programmers or the right sim, you’ll actually find combat as well.  Is it fluid combat?  No, it’s not going to win awards or anything, but it’s not the worst combat I’ve seen in games.  Heck, I get to do flips in the air while I swing my scythe in Second Life.  That has to count for some awesomeness.

But, I shouldn’t let too much out of the bag.  Tomorrow’s column is going to be some tips on how to enjoy yourselves in Second Life, even if you found it to be a bit annoying on the first run though.  Reader beware, however, as I know more than a few of you will feel that Second Life just isn’t your cup of tea… then you’ll relegate yourself to complaining about how wrong I am about my tips.

If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t enjoy it.  My tips simply aren’t going to change that.  But if you didn’t give it much of a chance for the first time through… you’ll probably find something to take away from tomorrow’s column.



  1. Awesome! What is your name there, I have been having a TON of fun in SL lately 🙂

  2. Oh, Seraphina Reymont. Add me when you get the chance. We’ll go a-splorin’!

  3. Hey there! Your article for Massively simply hit the nail on the head. I’ve spoken with my share of unhappy noobs who suffer mostly from a lack of curiosity and a willingness to explore the UI, the grid, and especially their interests. There is something so automated about many of the games, and Second Life is anything but that. Given Massively’s readership, I believe your post may seriously address the concerns of a few thousand people, and that, dear Seraphina, is all anyone can ever hope for. Thanks again!

    • Hey, thanks for reading! Good to know I wasn’t insanely off base or anything (because I can totally be that at times.) Hopefully this will get some more people to try the grid out and maybe they’ll have a good time this time. Who knows!

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