Lolz, product placement

August 24, 2009

Tonight, I saw an advertisement that made me laugh pretty loudly. I was watching NCIS on USA Network when an advertisement came on for WWE Raw. My attention glazed over as the advertisement assaulted me with burly men and “visceral combat” until the follow sentence:

“WWE RAW is brought to you by Final Fantasy Dissidia.”

In the next minute, I was on the floor, laughing too hard to get back up onto my couch.

Good luck with that marketing strategy, Square.


One comment

  1. When I see product placement as you describe, it leaves me scratching my head, wondering what the hell are they thinking. Same as having commercials during Nascar for people to visit some great Northern State. You know those southerners must love that! lol

    disclaimer : I do not watch nascar.

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