September 20, 2009

1689 people say no you don't!

1689 people say no you don't!

GRAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! *has flashbacks to World of Warcraft*

(Yes, I’m playing Aion.  Yes, I don’t find Aion innovative, and sometimes I find it downright boring, but I can’t say anything about the game if I don’t play it.  Maybe it gets better, who knows unless you play it yourself and find out!)



  1. […] guess Aion is a bit of an Urkel right now, with horrendous queues, connection issues, crashes, issues with not being able to get on the same server as your buddies, […]

  2. You have to suffer for your “art”.
    Respect the fact that you will keep going to build up more balanced view. We collectively rely on you folks being open minded and going through the “experience curve” for us.
    Given that this has been a “live” game now in asia for some time it should be easier to draw conclusions on game without it being so prone to first few month game “balancing”.

    • Exactly. 🙂 I played Darkfall, therefore, this has to be more enjoyable! (Although I must say, I found the enjoyable side in Darkfall, and I still kinda wish I had more time to play with the guild I was in.)

      Another good point about the balancing as well. Won’t have to put up with crazy nerfs and buffs, like Champions is slamming onto their servers. *sighs*

  3. […] Point. […]

  4. To be honest, I find there’s something to be said for not always being innovative, but instead just focusing on making things *work*. There’s a time to innovate, and there’s a time to polish. WoW does the polish aspect very well, which is one of the factors in why it’s popular (aside from the whole “popular because it’s popular” bit). Sometimes, I personally find it enjoyable to just sit back and grind some XP with friends, and for that, Aion suits my purposes quite well (and it’s pretty, to boot!).

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