People make me LOL

September 25, 2009
...we hope you will enjoy the show!

...we hope you will enjoy the show!

So I just read what might possibly be one of the most misinformed comments I’ve read in a while. It ranks up there with all of the comments that tell me I’m making wicked mad dough from “selling out” and “being bribed” by developers.

So, on a Beatles: Rock Band review, someone had the audacity/idiocy to state that The Beatles are “a tired old band who would never survive today” and that their music “failed to influence any music in today’s generation.” (Search for MushroomStamp on that link, if you want to see the hilariousness.)

Like I said. People make me LOL.



  1. Speaking as someone who was never that into the Beatles, I have to agree that they seem like a ‘tired old band’. I think the Beatles rock band is as ridiculous as the other Band specific rock bands.

    As for failing to influence, though i make no pretenses to being ‘informed’, I was under the impression that Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, etc, influenced modern music a lot more than the Beatles ever did (despite their popularity). Frankly I don’t understand how they were popular, but then i feel the same way about U2. They just seem to have no ‘soul’ (haha) ok I mean flavor or flair.

    • Ha ha. Nice jab. +2 points for you, sir.

      I would agree that all of those artists, including the Beatles, all had their own influences on modern music. The Beatles later use of complicated instrumentation in their tracks during the Abbey Road years certainly left its mark on more than a few artists, plus their huge variety in their track catalogue. Even people who really aren’t that into the Beatles can usually find something in their work that they at least enjoy a little, which does say something, in my odd little mind.

      Plus, I also count “influence” in the amount of bands who grew up listening to the Beatles and may have been lead to pick up instruments or get into music because of that band. Dylan, Cash, Cohen, and many others can also add that same compliment to their caps, and that’s part of the reason why we look up to them as great performers.

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