Oh my god, it’s full of lulz!

January 4, 2010

Take that you slutty, pornographic, crappy RTS bitch.  You’ve been one-upped.  *points to attached photo*

Whatcha’ gonna do now?

(In all fairness, I’m pretty sure that this game is another Asian grinder with an item shop that you have to use if you want to get any enjoyment out of the game.  Yet, after this ad, I’m certainly willing to go take a look at their game and give a try. XD  Their marketing department knows what’s up, at least.)

(Edit: After looking at the game’s logo and the main page, I remember this game now.  It’s a popular Japanese card game, of all things!  A not too bad one, if memory serves me correctly.  Card games aren’t my thing anymore, but heck, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow, perhaps.)


  1. …bahahahahahaha. Priceless. Though I have to admit, the Plants vs. Zombies one was also good. (http://www.bruceongames.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Plants-Vs-Zombies-Evony-parody.jpg for those not aware)

  2. […] Oh my god, it’s full of lulz! Take that you slutty, pornographic, crappy RTS bitch.  You’ve been one-upped.  *points to attached […] […]

  3. Sadly, I now feel a need to go to that site, lured by anime boobs. I’m such a marketing tool.

  4. I tried this one just last week and liked it until I discovered you had to purchase additional card and packs with your real life money.

    Not much later I found a game called Urban-Rivals, another card game which I found was more fun and had a better community.
    There’s the option to buy packs with money as well ( which I did after all because they’re prices very reasonably ) but they also let you win the certain amount of credits by winning tournaments and events.

  5. Played Both, Urban-Rival is really bad. Almost no strategy. 8 cards, 4 taken at random to play and some stamina points to boost them up… not enough strategy there, it’s almost all in the cards you have. You can buy cards with game cash, but you won’t go far with that. You go far by trading, specially if you have bots for it :P. People with bots get the cash, the good cards, and win the games. I want a game for me to play, not the bot.

    In alteil you also can get cards with play cash, slow but steady. You get it by winning some treasure battles that appear at random (with more chances if you are winning games), by leveling, by playing a simple memory game, weekely, and sometimes with special events.
    It has alot of strategy and you can do more with each card (though urban has more cards, but it is simpler to add cards to that game). True that people that pay true cash for the game can get good cards and beat you, but there are still plenty of battles to do with the other free players, low paying or high playing with bad choices 😀 (the matching of players is tries to match equal level players, could be improved, but it’s not too bad).

    Since the game is in flash, there is more strategy, and there is no way of buying cards to other players, it is not easy for bots to rule the game.

    PS: it can be a little hard in the first days, since most of the times you get random cards,and it can be hard to have enough to make a deck. A little patience and you can get enough to try different strategies. Probably your first deck will be the best for some time, but you can have fun trying new ones… I do 😀

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