The Played Game Roundup

January 20, 2010

So, in an effort to remove some tension and stay away from the horribly serious topics for a while, I thought it would be a good time to go over some of the games that have crossed my path lately.  I’ve actually been in a bunch of different games from all different genres, so I might as well take some time and tell you about some of them.  You might even want to pick a few up for further inspection!

Burnout: Paradise — When Paradise was released, I really gave it a hard time.  It took such a different path from the other Burnout games, and it removed some of my favorite features, like impact time and revenge rules.  It also offered a really large open world, which was great until I found out that when you fail a race, you have to drive back across Paradise City to try it again.  That sucks.

However, after picking it up for my PC for the awesome price of 7.50 during the Steam Holiday Sale, I must say that I’m really enjoying it more than a 7.50 game.  The open world of Paradise City is actually a lot of fun, especially when you know it well enough to make your own paths and use shortcuts to your advantage.  Some of the jumps and stunts that I’ve done have been simply breathtaking, plus it’s always a good time when you get behind the wheel to completely ruin your opponents.

Shattered Horizon — Another game that came into my possession during the Steam Holiday Sale, Shattered Horizon is Futuremark’s first foray into actually making games instead of making stupidly complex benchmark programs.  And, of course, when a game comes from Futuremark, you know it’s going to take hardware to the extreme.

Shattered Horizon only runs in DirectX10 mode, so it’s good for me that I have a system that can handle it.  The game is essentially Counter-Strike with a major twist: You’re in space, stuck in in the aftermath of a major lunar calamity.  A lunar mining corporation placed a charge on an unstable piece of the moon, shattering it and sending shards of rock all over Earth’s atmosphere.  Earth can’t launch manned shuttles up to save the stranded miners and lunar police due to the debris, but they did send up weapons and supplies just before the debris shrouded the planet.  Thank God they sent guns instead of food, right?  Otherwise this game would be crazy boring.

The game lets you fight in zero-g with a single gun that acts as multiple guns, like every good lunar walker should have.  You can stand on ceilings and use your jetpack to fly around with ease, all to confuse and scare your enemy.  Even cooler, you can turn off your suit’s electronics to avoid detection from other players, but you lose your targeting systems, you move at the speed of molasses, and you have no sound simulation.  All you can hear is the sound of your own breath and heartbeat while you float in space… and that’s a scary, scary feeling.

I have mixed feelings on this game.  It’s done well, but it doesn’t exactly keep inviting you back for more.  It’s fun to pick up and play a round or two, but then you just end up walking away feeling… meh.  Although, with inventive design like this, I’d like to see Futuremark’s next entry.

Bayonetta: I’ll keep this very brief.  Gameplay = One of the best action titles I’ve ever played.  Ever.  It moves like a dream.  A seamless dream.  Storyline = I wish she’d shut up and stop making me cringe.  Less stripper talk and slutty poses, more shooting.  K thx.

Global Agenda: It’s Team Fortress 2, only in the future and with customizable classes.  Score.  I like being able to pick different weapons to customize my loadout for each mission, and I like being able to tweak the skills of my character via a talent tree to make me good at the stuff I like to do, and not so good at the stuff I’m not a fan of.

Darksiders: I honestly expected God of War, and what I got was an open world brawler game.  That really opened up the game for me, and so far things are quite enjoyable in the little bit I’ve gotten to play.  I’m not a fan of the one button weapon combos, but I do like that I can switch weapons as easily as jamming another button on my controller.

And that’s pretty much it.  So readers, what have you been wrapping your hands around recently?


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