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Infinity Corporation Sneak Preview

June 21, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, today is a sneak preview of the backstory behind the Infinity Corporation, the biotech company of Avarice Industries.

Fun Fact: If any of you were actually around to play my Alternate Reality Game, Wildfire Industries, you may remember that the Infinity Corporation was briefly teased at the end of the game as being an upcoming antagonist.  Now that we’re getting the roleplaying game up off the ground, I now have the chance to really flesh out the corporation and include it as a full blown company in the final game.

But, enough about that.  Onwards with our sneak peek!

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Revitalized, updated, and ready to rock

June 21, 2011

Look at that!  It’s a new theme! (A readable theme, even.)  It’s a new header!  It’s almost like it’s a new blog!

But it’s not.  You’re still stuck with me, whether you like it or not. 🙂  More stuff to come tomorrow… including a preview of the Infinity Corporation from Avarice Industries. 😀