Infinity Corporation Sneak Preview

June 21, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, today is a sneak preview of the backstory behind the Infinity Corporation, the biotech company of Avarice Industries.

Fun Fact: If any of you were actually around to play my Alternate Reality Game, Wildfire Industries, you may remember that the Infinity Corporation was briefly teased at the end of the game as being an upcoming antagonist.  Now that we’re getting the roleplaying game up off the ground, I now have the chance to really flesh out the corporation and include it as a full blown company in the final game.

But, enough about that.  Onwards with our sneak peek!

When Contessa Infinity announced the Infinity Corporation’s purchase of DREAM technology from Wildfire Industries, the business world couldn’t stop laughing long enough to breathe. The moderately successful fashion corporation had dumped all of their working capitol (and then some) into purchasing a single DREAM generator, greatly infuriating their own investors in the process. When their calls to the company went unanswered, Infinity stock was thrown around the trading floor floor like it was toilet paper. Infinity closed the day at .57 cents a share, down from 25.20. The media black balled the company; 24 hour news streams made nothing but “DREAM Boobs” and “DREAM Lips” jokes. Some even went so far to compare Contessa’s purchase with a woman at the mall with her husband’s credit card. Analysts all but nailed the company’s coffin shut, declaring that Contessa Infinity would never, ever be trusted with a dollar again.

Two days later, the company revealed their first new DREAM-created product: the cure for AIDS. That same day, 143 stockbrokers committed suicide in New York.

The Infinity Corporation has since become the premiere biotechnology company in the world. The company has retained their motto from their cosmetic days, “Infinitely Improve,” and has expounded upon it tenfold. Infinity now creates creams that can repair aged skin back to youthful appearances, injections that can heal broken bones, pills that can instantly cure diseases, and they continue to create new innovations daily. This year, Contessa Infinity is up for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for all of the advancements that her company has created — many of them spearheaded by the CEO herself.

In addition to their physical exploits, many have hailed the corporation as one of the most inclusive corporations in the world. Women routinely hold the highest ranks in the company, everything in the Infinity building is handicap accessible, and the company proudly displays their workforce’s racial diversity. Contessa made sure to erect her headquarters, an enormous glass pyramid that holds both exotic fauna and real Egyptian ruins, in the International district of Burning Forest. This not only places the Infinity Pyramid right in the middle of the city, it also puts them in one of the lower income, immigrant filled sections. The company is seen as an immense boon to the district, as Infinity personnel constantly eat at small local restaurants, shop at local stores, and make use of the area’s bars and nightlife after work. Plus, the pyramid ignites with soft, neon blue lights after dark, making it an architectural wonder to behold.

But the projects that are buried behind the thick, ancient stone walls inside of Infinity’s glass pyramid are another story. Those with internal connections have said that some Infinity executives have been seen catching bullets, breathing fire, and instantaneously changing their appearance. Instead of focusing solely on external gadgets and machinery, such as the other companies, the Infinity Corporation focuses on improving the human body. Rumor circulate that Contessa is obsessed with attaining “human perfection,” but no one is quite sure how the Lady in Blue defines that phrase.

Even with everything seemingly going in the company’s favor, Infinity makes mistakes. The groups critics have pointed out that men are frequently unseen when it comes to the company’s public presence, and no one can seem to find a single Infinity employee with any type of handicap. Furthermore, while Infinity’s “prototyping errors” are not as flamboyant as the other four companies, they cut significantly deeper. After all, no one can declare that a specific vaccine or genetic manipulation works until they test it on something living, be it animal or human. The many stories of the company part ways here, with some swearing that all of Infinity’s testing is done on laboratory animals, while others say that the executives test their products on their own people — sometimes even without their knowledge.

No matter the truth behind their testing procedures, the other four corporations can agree on one very crucial piece of advice that’s given to all new special executives in the market: “An unarmed Infinity Special Executive is an untrustworthy Infinity Special Executive.”

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