This is the personal blog of Seraphina Brennan: a community specialist for The Lord of the Rings Online, former MMO columnist/blogger, and former Alternate Reality Game Puppet Master.  She has been the writer/lead designer on two Alternate Reality Games, Project Gateway and Wildfire Industries.  She has graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in psychology, which she uses to beat people over the head with and decorate that blank spot on her wall.  When she’s not writing, she’s an avid gamer on Xbox Live and many PC MMO titles.  That, or she’s playing pen and paper roleplaying games, or enjoying a spot of anime.  Whatever’s available at the time.


  1. Hiya. I’m Matt Mihaly, from Sparkplay Media. I was trying to get in touch with you directly about one of your articles on Massively, but can’t track down your email. Could you shoot me a mail at matt (-at-) sparkplaymedia (-dot-) com?


  2. This is a weird place for this reply, but it was the only place I could find to leave a reply address for you if you wanted it without leaving it for everyone.

    I’m not a super regular Massively reader, so I didn’t know much about you, but I wanted to thank you for this post this week about how the ways virtual worlds can help one explore or inhabit identities.

    I’ve never been sure that I identify as trans, or anything else – to me it seems more like I *wish* I were a girl, rather than that I am one, but it feels great to see someone talk about these experiences in a way I can identify with. Thanks for your take on games, and for your pride, as corny or whatever as that sounds.

  3. Thanks for the article on the blurring of gender lines in the cyber realm. Was a good read and kudos on your courage.

  4. Seraphina, I know we dont know each other but I read some of your writings and I LOVE them!!!! WoW baby YEAH! Well, I just wanted you to know that you’re an inspiration to all transgenders out there, seriously. I am also a male-to-female transgender and I’m am terrified to tell my parents. I would just like to know how you told your parents and how they reacted. Please talk back to me. PLEASE I’m desperate especially with the holidays coming up!!! The only thing that gets me through and gives me a sparkle of hope is reading your writings. STAY STRONG <33

    .. please sera, please. I NEED YOUR HELP!

  5. Hi there, Bloodhound X (PSO Star Protectorate) and Dycedarg (Crystaline Knights -FFXI Bahamut) here dropping by to say “Hi”.
    Good to see you are still young at heart and keep playing games, if you ever want to talk about good old times my gamer tag is Nick D Smasher on xbox 360.

    And say hi to tildaor for me cause I quit FFXI,

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